Help Make A Difference. Let Our Anthem Be Heard In The Stanley Cup Finals.
Let It Be Heard By All The Canadian Boys Looking To Bring Home Lord Stanley.

Even if there are 2 US teams battling for Lord Stanley, the NHL is a League made up of teams from Canada and USA, therefore the NHL should make it mandatory that the Canadian and the US National Anthems be played during the Stanley Cup Final.  The fact that a majority of the players are Canadian supports the argument. There are 38 Canadian Born Players in the Final (only 24 US & International born players combined). The 2 respective Anthems should be played to recognize and acknowledge the FANS, TEAMS and CITIES on both sides of the border which contribute to this league.

We are not asking that the league play both anthems at all regular season games, but during the Stanley Cup Finals both Anthems should be played. The final is the closing of the year, the celebration of the league both anthems would be fitting. The NHL set a precedent when they played both anthems at the Outdoor Classic, even though the teams were both from the US and it was played in the US.

It should be noted that I / we believe that even if there were 2 Canadian teams playing in the final the NHL should play the US anthem in those Canadian cities. The NHL should make it a common practice that BOTH ANTHEMS ARE PLAYED IN THE FINAL REGARDLESS OF THE 2 TEAMS PARTICPATING. This will send out a powerful message to both sides of the border that we are partners in this glorious game, in business, politics and unfortunately war (which should not be forgotten). These atheletes are used to sell products and make corporate giants very wealthy - why not use these athletes for something that we all can benefit from, to promote the partnership between the 2 countries.

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Below are some interesting numbers that show the birth place of the players playing for the Stanley Cup. I'm confident that 38 of them would love to hear the Canadian Anthem.


 Chicago Blackhawks: Roster Birth Place 

  Canada  USA International  





Captain: Jonathan Toews - Winnipeg, MB, CAN

Alternate Captain: Patrick Sharp - Winnipeg, MB, CAN

 Philadelphia Flyers: Roster Birth Place 

  Canada  USA International  





Captain: Mike Richards - Kenora, ON, CA

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